Down Syndrome Service


In the UK one baby in every seven hundred to one thousand born has Down syndrome; there are an estimated 60,000 people who have Down syndrome and, on average, 1-2 babies are born with this diagnosis each day.

Symbol has been able to demonstrate a model of speech and language therapy which acknowledges that people with Down syndrome have a unique profile which lends itself to a particular way of learning.

Symbol has, in collaboration with other stakeholders, developed and researched a range of specialist, evidence based services, which we now provide on a regular basis:

  • Therapeutic breaks for families: From families with new babies to families with an ageing member with Down Syndrome; including intensive eating and drinking breaks and intervention for children with a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autistic spectrum disorder.
  • Riding and performance arts camps
  • Minibreaks for young adults
  • Work assessments
  • Eating and drinking services
  • Specialist Training for Speech and Language Therapists, Learning Support/Teaching Assistants, parents/carers, teachers
  • Respite services
  • Direct speech and language therapy services including
    • Individual consultations
    • Weekly Speech and Language Therapy groups within a locality
    • Support for children in mainstream and special schools
    • Support for adults with Down syndrome in community homes and day services.