Down Syndrome Service

ZoeDownload the LIFE AND LEARNING BROCHURE 2015 for details of Symbol’s current programme of services for babies, children, young people and adults with Down syndrome.

In the UK one baby in every seven hundred to one thousand born has Down syndrome; there are an estimated 60,000 people who have Down syndrome and, on average, 1-2 babies are born with this diagnosis each day.

Symbol has been able to demonstrate a model of speech and language therapy which acknowledges that people with Down syndrome have a unique profile which lends itself to a particular way of learning.

Symbol has, in collaboration with other stakeholders, developed and researched a range of specialist, evidence based services, which we now provide on a regular basis:

  • Therapeutic breaks for families: From families with new babies to families with an ageing member with Down Syndrome; including intensive eating and drinking breaks and intervention for children with a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autistic spectrum disorder.
  • Riding and performance arts camps
  • Minibreaks for young adults
  • Work assessments
  • Eating and drinking services
  • Specialist Training for Speech and Language Therapists, Learning Support/Teaching Assistants, parents/carers, teachers
  • Respite services
  • Direct speech and language therapy services including
    • Individual consultations
    • Weekly Speech and Language Therapy groups within a locality
    • Support for children in mainstream and special schools
    • Support for adults with Down syndrome in community homes and day services.