For parents, professionals and carers

N&HSymbol is one of the leading organisations supporting people with Down syndrome, their families and the professionals who work with them.

Our core area of work is as specialist speech and language therapists and our Managing Director, Tessa Duffy is both a Fellow of the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists and Adviser to the Down‘s Syndrome Association.

We have been able to demonstrate an effective model of speech and language therapy which acknowledges the unique profile of people with Down Syndrome and which lends itself to their particular learning styles.

We have built, in collaboration with other parents and professionals, on what families have come to expect from Symbol and now offer a range of opportunities for warm and expert guidance, training and learning with a focus on high expectations and fun.

Symbol now offers more choice than ever; a wide range of opportunities to support children’s communication in ways that work best for them and their families.

Come and talk to us, come and stay with us, come and have,as our Managing Director Tessa Duffy says, “Sensible conversations about those key issues with interested and expert staff.”

Our portfolio of services and opportunities includes:

Speech and Language Therapy:

  • Services in mainstream and special schools;
  • Weekly groups within localities;
  • Specialist Eating & Drinking services;
  • Individual consultations;
  • Adult support service for day and residential settings.
  • In collaboration with the Down’s Syndrome Association, we lead on a co-worker network that trains and supports groups and supervising therapists across the UK to delivering speech and language therapy.


  • Specialist 4 day modular courses for Speech and Language Therapists;
  • Multi disciplinary training for education, health and social care practitioners
  • Courses for families.

Our training is delivered at our own venues or via our bespoke service anywhere in the UK and abroad.

New Baby Days

One day workshops for families to come and chat about anything and everything! No upper or lower age limits.

Intensive Assessment & Intervention Breaks for Families:

Led by our specialist clinical and therapeutic team, we provide residential breaks for families of children of various ages. In the same model, we offer specialist breaks focusing on a suspected or confirmed dual diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, a specialised Eating & Drinking Break and a break for older clients and their parents or carers.

Riding and Performance Arts Camps:

Our holidays or camps have been in operation for many years and have a focus on developing communication and social skills. The camps provide an extraordinary experience for children and young people with Down syndrome and their families. Camps are available for different age ranges including children, teenagers and young adults.

Mini Breaks for Adults with Down syndrome:

Residential short breaks for adults with Down syndrome where the emphasis is on building confidence, independence and of course, fun.

Respite services for adults and children:

Services at the person’s home or in our accommodation, designed around the child or adult’s and their families individual needs

Work Assessment Breaks:

To assess a person’s aptitude and preferences in the world of work.

Symbol’s services have developed to meet the needs of our service users and families and to be effective in line with current research and evidence. We are flexible, within these parameters, so if you would like to discuss how services can be modified to suit your particular requirements do contact us.