Work Assessment Breaks

KWe are delighted to be offerring five day residential or day breaks for teens and adults to join us for an employment assessment to determine their work preferences, skills, social and communicative aptitude for work.

The break results in an occupational assessment which can be used to inform work and support needs once home.

Participants work within the gardening, building, craft, café and/or shop projects in taster slots over the 5 days. The Work Assessment break is staffed by a consultant Occupational Therapist, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and specialist support staff, a Senior Social Worker and Consultant Clinical Psychiatrist also provide input as required.

Work Assessment Breaks cost £750. Participants can attend on a daily basis or can have access to overnight accommodation at an additional charge of £150 for a four night stay.

Participants with additional needs, requiring one-to-one support may be charged an additional support fee.

Dates for 2013 are as follows:

  • 8th-12th March
  • 29th April-3rd May
  • 1st- 5th July
  • 9th-13th September
  • 28th October-1st November