Eating and drinking


We wanted to express our huge thanks for your input. It was really good to meet you – we finally felt we had found people who understood Y’s complex feeding issues properly, rather than the disjointed advice we have been getting. We are really grateful for your time and the comprehensive report you have sent us.”

Mealtimes can be a joy or a bit of a nightmare with all children. When a child has Down syndrome, there can often be additional challenges. At Symbol, our team of highly experienced, specialist speech and language therapists know and understand what those challenges are and the very individual support each child and their family need.

Symbol can provide individual appointments at specialist assessment and advisory clinics for children and young people with Down Syndrome and their families, who have eating and drinking communication difficulties. We also offer residential intensive assessment and intervention courses at Dickley Court; over 2 days, our therapists will work closely with parents, get to know their child, eat together and play together so that they can observe, guide and advise each family. We will provide a high quality, holistic assessment of each child’s eating and drinking so that families can move forward much more confidently and happily with this fundamental and emotive aspect of their child’s development.

The service is evidence based and delivered in a child friendly setting by highly specialist speech and language therapists able to call on other specialist staff, including medical consultants, a behaviour specialist, a sensory occupational therapist and an alternative and an augmentative communication therapist as required.


Families, GPs, Speech and Language Therapists and schools are all able to refer to the specialist service, basic information should be included on the referral form supplied by Symbol and supplemented by available reports from other professionals working with the child.