Mini breaks for young adults


Young AdultsWe all enjoy a break from routine; a chance to meet new people, have fun and maybe even learn new things. For young adults with Down syndrome, over the age of 14, our mini-breaks provide them with an opportunity to do just that.

In December 2011, we ran the first of these breaks and this is what one parent had to say about her son’s experience:

I think time away from the family has an impact on him, it allows him to be independent and do for himself, it makes him feel ‘grown up’ to be away from his family, he sees his sisters staying away with friends and him being able to attend something like this doesn’t make him feel so left out. He had a great time, think he enjoyed the whole weekend, but going to the pub and taking part in the ‘X Factor’ were probably his highlights.”

Our mini-breaks, held in Kent and in Bristol, offer young adults (over 14 years) with Down syndrome an opportunity, over 3 nights, to meet and stay with others and take part in fun activities. Supported by an experienced and skilled team of learning disability practitioners, they offer a chance to build confidence, social skills and enjoy a new and exciting experience independently.

A range of activities are provided including riding, music, cinema and shopping trips.

We have a planned a Spring Break from Friday 2nd May to Monday 5th May 2014 and a Christmas Mini-Break running from the Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th December 2014, others will be arranged throughout the year subject to demand.

If you contact us with interest in a Mini-Break we will ask for information about your young person so that we can plan their support. We try not to turn anyone away on the basis of their level of need.

The cost of a Mini Break is £650 , including the 3 night residential stay.

“…thank you for such a great weekend. It was really fun and I made some nice, lovely new friends. Hope to see you next Christmas!”