Single Appointment Consultations


“Brilliant clinic yesterday with lots of sound advice. .. several issues were addressed that I have been struggling with for months. It was invaluable.”

We provide comprehensive one-to-one speech and language consultations for families with children of any age, where we review your child’s communication skills, support needs and any speech and language therapy that is in place, and advise on ways forward.

Prior to the consultation, you will be asked to provide information about your child and current issues to help the speech and language therapist to carry out the assessment and ensure that all of your concerns are covered during the consultation. You are asked to provide a copy of any speech and language checklists you have completed with your child. and relevant speech and language reports or programmes from local or other services that you use.

Consultations last approximately two hours. The speech and language therapist will work directly with your child and assess his/her skills informally through play and language based activities. With some older children, some more formal assessments may be carried out.

The speech and language therapist’s observations and assessment findings will be discussed with you, and advice and recommendations will be given. Specific, measurable targets to develop your child’s communication skills can be devised and discussed with you, and activities to work towards targets will be explored and demonstrated.

Families can book consultations within blocks of 2 days so there will be an opportunity to meet other families attending at that time. Consultations are usually held at Dickley Court, Harrietsham, Kent and overnight stays can be arranged at an additional cost.


Initial consultation and report £300.00

Follow up consultation and report or programme £225.00

Dates for 2013:

  • 8th and 9th January
  • 9th and 10th April
  • 9th and 10th July
  • 8th and 9th October
  • Additional days are available subject to demand.