The Co-Worker Network

 ReadingSymbol trains staff and supports local networks to run speech and language groups that assist people who have Down syndrome to develop their communication skills. Co-workers run these groups, supervised by speech and language therapists who have specialist skills in addressing the needs of people who have Down syndrome.

Working with the Down’s Syndrome Association, Symbol established the co-worker network in 2005 to increase the availability of speech and language therapy intervention for people with Down syndrome of all ages, in response to the difficulties that families, schools and others experience when trying to secure speech and language therapy input for people with Down’s syndrome.

Alongside the specialist development programme for speech and language therapists, we offer a 3 day training for people with experience of providing support for people with Down’s syndrome and their families who wish to become co-workers. A detailed application procedure ensures that local services train and employ people with suitable skills and experience, supported by infrastructure put in place by local networks.

The 3 day course for co-workers provides training in carrying out speech and language therapy activities that address the profile of communication difficulties associated with Down’s syndrome, within the framework of the co-worker network.

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Dates for 2017

Sussex Co worker training 2017

The training takes place over 3 days (9.15-4.30) approximately 4-6 weeks apart, with tasks for co-workers to undertake between training days. Closing dates for applications are usually 1 month before the training starts.


Co-worker training co-hosted by Symbol and the Down Syndrome Development Trust costs £450 for the course.