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Two Service UsersFor a long time Symbol UK have been helping children, young people and adults who have Down syndrome.


We visit schools, nurseries and other places and suggest what they can do to make it easier for children, young people & adults with Down Syndrome to communicate better.
We have people who work for us who know a lot about how to help you to improve your speech and talking. They can also give specialist advice to help people with Down syndrome who have a problem eating & drinking.


Our speech & language therapists can provide training to help people like other Speech & Language Therapists, teachers, parents and families to understand about your communication problems and to learn how they can make their communication better.

Our workOur work

We work in lots of different places like nurseries, schools and FE Colleges. Mums & Dads also ask us to run groups to work with their children.

Symbol UK also run mini breaks, activity and riding holidays.

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  • Phone us on the telephone 01795 844440
  • Send us a letter to Symbol UK, Dickley Court, Dickley Lane, Lenham Kent  ME17 2DD

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