Assessment and placement pricing

Costs of Assessments and Terms of Payment

Costs of Assessments
Typical costs of assessment are outlined below, all of our costs are subject to change dependent on the specific instructions received.

Symbol reserves the right to increase the costs of our assessments on an annual basis.

All Family Support Services are provided to the instructing authority or solicitor who has direct responsibility to arrange for payment within the terms set out below.

Payments of all invoices are strictly within 30 days from the date of our invoice unless an alternative is agreed and confirmed, by Symbol, in writing before the placement commences. Failure to pay within these timescales may result in Statutory Interest and Administration Charges being incurred.

If you require a Purchase Order number to be included on our invoice the parties must provide this information to Symbol at the point of instruction.
Local Authorities must provide us with their Purchase Order number prior to the client arriving for residential assessment, or within 7 days of arrival.

Invoices for Residential Assessments
Invoices will usually be raised on a weekly basis.

Where Placing Authorities terminate the assessment before the agreed period, Symbol reserves the right to charge for a maximum of 2 weeks period following the departure of the family.

Invoices for Community Assessments
Where Community assessments are, unusually, of a duration of more than 8 weeks Symbol may raise an invoice at the interim point. Where this is the case it will be clearly indicated on the Assessment Plan and associated costing.

Schedule of Fees

  • Paper Based assessments: From £902
  • Preliminary Assessments: From £3,578
  • Community Assessments:
    Costs confirmed following receipt of a Letter of Instruction and when the Assessment Team have finalised the Assessment Plan. As guidance, assessments of this nature can range from £7,000 to £20,000 dependent on the level of work required
  • Psychological Assessment (including Psychometric Testing): (Includes Reading of Bundle, Assessment and Report Completion)
    • One parent From £2500
    • Two parents (if assessed together) From £4000
    • Two parents (if assessed separately) From £4500
  • Psychometric Testing
    • Adults within Kent From £650 (includes travel)
    • Assessment at our offices in Kent From £600
      (10% discount for 2nd adult)
    • For adults within London boundaries From £750 (includes travel)
    • For adults outside London boundaries From £850 (includes travel)
  • Capacity Assessments
    • For adults within Kent From £250 (includes travel)
    • Assessment at our offices in Kent From £200
      (10% discount for 2nd adult)
    • For adults within London boundaries From £350 (includes travel)
    • For adults outside London boundaries From £450 (includes travel)
  • Residential Assessments
    • Single parent and child £3,276 per week
    • Two Parents and Child/Single Parent and 2 Children £3,712 per week
    • Per Extra child £601 per week
    • Supervised contact for other adults visiting £35 per hour

The fees for residential assessments include over night support and assessment and one to one supervision of parents with their children as identified in the placement planning meeting.

  • Safeguarding placements: Charged at 50% the applicable rate for a Residential Assessment
  • Court Attendance: per person £856 per day . Where attendance is for half a day a 50% charge is made. For morning attendance this is when the Assessment Team member is discharged from Court before 1pm. For afternoon attendance this is when the Assessment Team member is asked to arrive before 1pm. Symbol reserves the right to charge for cancellations made within 48 hours of a confirmed Court date. Symbol charges for court attendance as a half or full day. Usually we recommend that a single senior member of our Assessment Team attend. This Assessment Team member will discuss the case in detail with all relevant members of the Assessment Team prior to attendance and will provide the opinion of our unique multidisciplinary team rather than representing a single profession.
  • Meeting Attendance: per person £327
  • Professional time: £109 per hour
  • Support Worker time: £38 per hour

All of the above fees (excepting Psychometric testing and Capacity assessments) are exclusive of travel costs by Symbol Assessment staff.

Mileage is charged at 45p a mile

Travelling time is charged at £40 per hour and is chargeable from our base at Newington, in Kent.

A full estimate of fees will be produced on receipt of our pre-instruction questionnaire.

Please note that any significant changes occurring within the letter of instruction will be subject to a revision of costs. The instructing solicitor/Authority will be notified of these changes by return