Parents with learning disabilities

This highly effective service provides comprehensive assessment recommendations which are steeped in strong, highly quality evidence that have the very best interests of the child at their core . Parents receive a care package which gives them every opportunity to demonstrate their parenting skills alongside their capacity to improve . This aspect is achieved through tailor made assessments and teaching programmes which are highly personalised.

Ofsted, Newington Manor, 2014

Parents confirm that their experience of the service is inclusive and informative . Great emphasis is placed upon the known and preferred communication styles and needs of parents . Excellent speech and language therapy provision is integral to the overall service .
Ofsted, Newington Manor, 2014

Excellent placement plans fully capture the specific needs of each family. Key workers are conversant with the fine details of these. They demonstrate an educated understanding of the wider factors , including , social and cultural influences upon an individuals parenting capacity . Such plans , and the practice which is subsequently delivered , are non stigmatising and reflective of the parents own learning styles.
Ofsted, Newington Manor, 2014

Symbol has been delivering specialist, evidence based parenting assessments where one or both parents has a learning disability or learning difficulty since 1998.
Symbol’s parenting assessments are based on the evidence base concerning the parenting difficulties, styles of intervention and possible outcomes for parents with special needs.

The research data tells us that parents with special needs face a challenge in parenting their children, which has the potential to lead to long-term neglect. However the evidence also informs us that appropriate intervention may ameliorate such potential for unintentional neglect.

Symbol assessments determine the nature of the appropriate long-term intervention for each family and identify the potential for this intervention to enable children to safely, securely, and happily remain within their own families.

In order to identify provide appropriate intervention for parents with central cognitive impairments we first gain a clear understanding of their learning needs and styles to ensure that the most effective learning takes place in the shortest possible time. We then consider the parent’s potential to maintain their learning throughout the child’s minority years and to adapt to the child’s changing needs as they grow.

Symbol staff work alongside families, using a behavioural approach, to change behaviour and deepen understanding.

Where children are not able to stay with their birth parents we aim to ensure that parents understand why, for their own future well-being. We also identify the adults’ own needs for support within the community.