Symbol’s Residential Family Centre

Our Centre provides specialist preliminary, full, accelerated and semi-supported residential assessments for parents with learning disabilities and young/teen parents.

At the beginning of 2014, following a service review, Symbol restructured its residential provision within a single centre, at Newington Manor in Kent, increasing the time for which our range of specialist assessment team members are available on the site; the accommodation in the residential centre has been restructured to provide distinct areas to meet the needs of different groups of families and different types of assessment. Newington Manor can have up to ten families in residence at any one time.

Our Kent based Centre has an Outstanding Ofsted rating.

Families enter our Centre from all over England and Wales.

Newington Manor, Sittingbourne, Kent

Newington Manor 2014 Ofsted Report


What parents say about Symbol’s residential provision:

“They [Staff] are always there to if you need to talk to them.”

I was really nervous when I first came here, but the staff and other families
made me feel really welcomed straight away’, and, ‘It’s like living with
a group
of good friends, we’re all here for the same reasons.”

Newington Manor

Based in Newington, Sittingbourne, Kent, the residential family centre opened in 2008 and achieved an Outstanding status from it’s Ofsted Inspection in September 2010 and again in March 2014.

The service at Newington Manor is based in four separate areas – the chalets, the cottage, the flat and the manor house itself. Newington Manor is a 16th century mansion house which sits in its own grounds.

Families have their own bedrooms and designated bathrooms, there are shared kitchens and living spaces consisting of lounges and dining room areas. The Manor House provides adequate facilities for interviews, group work and meetings to take place.

There is a staff office and staff sleep-in rooms, storage areas and a staff bathroom.

The accommodation is surrounded by a large garden, which has designated play areas for the children. The decorations and furnishing within the house are homely and residents are encouraged to personalise their rooms and communal areas. We hope that the home provides a warm, pleasant environment for the families staying there. The environment is specially designed to enable families to feel a sense of high self-esteem and to be an environment, which can be translated to their homes back in the community.