Speech and Language therapy assessment

Why do we assess parents’ speech and language?

  • To see if parents have any particular difficulties, for example with understanding some words or with reading. It is important that people like social workers, solicitors and support workers understand these difficulties and help parents as much as possible.
  • To make sure Symbol’s assessment takes account of difficulties people have with saying things, understanding others and reading.
  • So we can help parents put their views across if they have difficulty doing this.

Why do we assess parents’ memories?

  • Because lots of people have difficulty remembering what is said to them and so can’t follow instructions- we can explain why this happens and help parents overcome their difficulties- for example by getting people to talk in shorter sentences or by giving them a reminder to look at like a picture.

Why do we assess parents’ vocabularies?

  • Because sometimes people use complicated or unfamiliar words and think everyone else understands them.
  • Because if we know what sort of words may need explaining we can help you to know more about the things that are being said about you and the decisions you may have to make.

Why do we assess parents’ understanding of speech?

  • Because sometimes parents can’t do what they are asked to because they don’t understand it.