Parenting support at home

Man with older childrenExternal professionals praise the provider’s expertise in helping families to reintegrate into the community of their choice.
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Parent Power

Parent Power (Monday advocacy and skills group)

Symbol can provide short, medium and long term parenting and housing related support, at home, for families living within a 50 mile radius of our Kent and Bristol centres. Short term support, for families and their professional networks, can also be provided for families living further afield who have successfully completed an assessment with us.

The emphasis of our community service is on identifying difficulties and seeking solutions through skilled intervention. Service provision is viewed in the long term; there are no short, sharp solutions for achieving parenting for people with special needs.

We offer integrated, specialist support for adults with learning disabilities, in their own right and for the children in their care, typically this is funded partially through adult and partially through children’s services but we are highly flexible in the services we provide to meet the needs of clients and of other agencies we work alongside; talk to us about your requirements.

Support packages are designed and costed on an individual basis


Homework Club – helping parents to help their children complete homework for school (as well as other fun and games!)

Symbol’s staff are all specialist in working with families where one or more parent has a learning disability and include clinical psychologists, social workers, occupational and speech and language therapists, psycho therapists, activity coordinators and family support workers. The organisation has developed a range of strategies, approaches and materials for working with parents with learning disabilities, all of which are available through our Community Service.

We have very extensive experience and expertise in working with families both “in proceedings” and ‘post proceedings’ and where there is a history of other factors which may impact on parenting including mental health issues, disruptive personal networks, domestic violence and alcohol and drug misuse. The Community Service has worked successfully with families with babies to those of secondary school age.

Some feedback from the parents we currently support

“They are very good at coming to help us out with our children, and helping us with bills, going on holiday and camping.”

“They help us emotionally when we’re down, when you get angry you’ve always got someone there to let it all out, to say what you’ve got to say.”

Being proud!! Enjoying your children’s achievements

Being proud!! Enjoying your children’s achievements

“The staff help you without doing it for you. I like it that I can do things on my own.”

“I like the groups, because they help you with children’s homework, especially now the homework is getting higher (harder).”

“I didn’t realize I was getting it wrong, I didn’t know- that was how I was brought up and I thought that was ok, now I know that I need help to do stuff differently, I need people to tell me that.” (In respect of parenting skills at home).

“Support plans clearly show that clients are empowered to take control of their own lives. Staff continually provide support to clients to achieve independence.” (Supporting People Inspection report November 2010).