Contact Supervision

Toddlers with bricksSymbol Family Support Services is able to provide contact supervision services at Newington Manor in Newington, Kent  as well as at community venues and clients’ homes. Contact supervision is available during working hours, evening and weekends.

At our Centre we are able to provide fully equipped kitchens and play rooms, lounges, dining rooms and gardens.

We are able to offer fully supervised contact with contact supervision being provided by either one or two workers at any one time.

Escorted travel is also available.

Our assessment team is also able to offer assessments of contact for discreet instructions.


  • Supervision of contact which is accompanied by a detailed note of the contact prepared by the contact supervisor £60 per hour ‡
  • Supervision of contact where contact is facilitated and there is a summary of the contact prepared at the end £45 per hour ‡
  • Contact which involves planning and intervention with the families in order to maximise the quality of the contact and direct support to the families throughout the contact to improve its quality and including a written summary of each contact with a report prepared at the end £70 per hour ‡
  • Assessments of contact undertaken by a senior member of the assessment team with a detailed record of each contact and a full assessment report prepared at the end of the prescribed period £109 per hour ‡
  • Escort and transport services £22 per hour plus mileage charged at 45p per mile

‡ Contacts commissioned to take place over the weekend are subject to an additional 15% fee.
Mileage is charged at 45p per mile