Liz and LWe visit schools, nurseries and other places to suggest ideas that can make it easier for children, young people & adults to communicate. We have specialists who work for us who can help people improve their speech & language therapy services.

We work with appropriate authorities in order to review exisiting service provision and to analyse service needs. We use our specialist knowledge and links with other professionals to make recommendations for service development and then undertake specific location projects.

Our consultancy briefs have included:

  • Advice to Health & Education and Charity Commissioners on the specification, structure and delivery of speech and language therapy services;
  • Designing, setting up and delivering quality accreditation programmes for children’s services nationally;
  • Undertaking speech and language therapy service reviews;
  • Developing reflective training materials;
  • Developing guidance for using the Phonics Checklist with children with speech, language and communication needs on behalf of The Communication trust, funded by the Department of Education.

We have specialist speech and language therapists who can offer consultancy appointments to families all over the country. As well as this we have our own residential property that can be used for appointments for families coming from abroad. Our specialists can give professional advice to help people who have eating & drinking difficulties and Down syndrome.

Our daily rate for consultancy varies according to commissioner requirements, from £450.